For a warm welcome

At the entrance of the church, you will be greeted by the smile of sister Renee or many others who have at heart the service. Perhaps it will be for you a first contact with the community or a courtesy visit. Perhaps you will come with a specific need? In all cases, we want to express an interest in the church door you in welcoming you. And if this is the first time you join us, it will gladly exchange a few words with you.

For a listening ear

logoWe want our home to meet your expectations. For this, we make ourselves available to listen. Perhaps we do not know much about you, but we pray that our first contact is a blessing for your life and the beginning of a lasting friendship.

                                                                                  [email protected]. Call: (310) 658-1526


For an inclusive fellowship

Mandela-Washington-Fellow-BreakoutThe reception service is also trained to help you. At the entrance, they are sure to give you the last memento of the church and possibly other topical documents. They stand available for information including daycare, Sunday school or on the activities of the coming week. They are willing to answer your questions or if necessary, to help you make contact with one of the pastors or leaders.

 [email protected]. Call: (310) 658-1526


For help

helpingWhat do you do when you encounter a life-altering event? When you no longer know where to turn or who to turn to?
Jesus invites you today to let him lift your burdens and fix your eyes on Him. Jesus is personally involved in your situation because he loves you. He is always there, meeting you in the places of all your needs.
As the Body of Christ, we are concerned to help our brothers and sisters overcome the challenges they face and to get back on the road to victory. We provide assistance and prayer to the wounded and discouraged. Whatever you are suffering in body or spirit, we urge you to walk through difficult times no longer alone. Open your heart to receive support, encouragement and prayer from your brothers and sisters in Christ here at LICBC.
Prayer partners are available Sundays after our worship service for people needing encouragement and personalized prayer. Feel free to go to them — you will be welcomed with open arms.

[email protected]. Call: (310) 658-1526