Organization and Administration

-Minister to our children
-Sunday School
-To expand the team of monitors, we are looking for new monitors aides wishing supervise the children. Contact:
-We are seeking two (02) people to help day care for children 15 months to 2 years. Contact: [email protected]. Call: (310) 658-1526



We are looking for several people:
• for projection on Sunday morning and evening
• to take care of the sound system
The investment time is about one Sunday every six weeks. Training will be provided, beginners are welcome! Contact: Sister Renee Miller @ (310)658-1526



We are looking for proof readers for our publications and website, and technical support in correcting and maintaining the web site up to date. Contact: Sister Renee Miller @ (310)658-1526


Help the needy



We help people facing major difficulties: homeless, destitute, deprived of their basic rights. For this, we participate particularly in social works established by many organizations. Throughout the year, we collect clothes and necessary effects of living every day for various missions . During the winter, we are also distributing sleeping bags and warm clothing to the needy. You can participate in these activities:



Visit and service to the sick

images_6The sick and our elders are always very sensitive to the visits that we make them. We like to show our affection by taking their new, visiting, reading a psalm or praying with them. Sometimes we have the opportunity to distribute cards with Bible verses or words of encouragement. Our visit is not limited only to people attending the Life in Christ Bible Church, but to anyone in the neighborhood or to patients who request visitation.
Come join our team chaplain as an occasional volunteer, to greet patients and invite them to participate in worship on Sunday. Talk to : Sister Renee Miller @ (310)658-1526

Collect and organize non-financial donations

We are looking for waterproof jackets, anoraks and pants, shoes and sleeping bags for the homeless. Contact: Sister Renee Miller @ (310)658-1526

Welcoming newcomers

We want our church to be a welcoming, familial and fraternal so that everyone feels loved. You will be received with love and joy by our home team, as Jesus would.
Thereafter, if you feel called to serve in the host team, we encourage you to contact a pastor. We look forward to working with you to advance the Kingdom of God. “As each has received a gift set it to serve others, faithfully administering grace so diverse of God” (1 Peter 4:10)