Like the air we breathe is essential to the life of our bodies, prayer is essential to the life of our soul. It puts us in direct relationship with the creator, the source of all blessings and reminds us that we must submit everything to God.

Even Jesus, during his time on earth, always took the time to communicate with his Father. He often spent hours before crossing milestones, such as the selection of his apostles or his arrest in Gethsemane.

Whatever the hardships we endure, let us be assured that God listens to our prayers (Ephesians 6:18). He invites us that, in all circumstances (spiritual warfare, health, financial, emotional worries, studies, jobs, family or social life), we are to be ready to experience the faithfulness of God and his victorious power, to rejoice in Him, and to express our gratitude.

While personal prayer is precious, we encourage you to participate in congregational prayers. Indeed, they are accompanied by a promise of divine presence and the fulfillment of our demands.


1 That’s why our community devotes these times to prayer:

1.1 Weekly prayer meetings in order to bring God to the church’s needs, mission and various topics.

1.2 Evenings organized to unite ourselves spiritually for collective requests, intercede on behalf of others and meditate on biblical texts.

1.3 Week fasting and prayer, a time apart (in spring and autumn) to free our hearts by becoming more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and our neighbor.

1.4 For those who are alone and crushed by the burdens of life, we are all heart with them.

1.5 Every Sunday after the worship, prayer partners are available to listen, encourage and pray with anyone when needs it.

1.6 The prayer wall remains an effective way to share your queries. Once a subject is placed there, it will be routed to several Christians who pray wherever they are.

1.7 You can also create a prayer chain and involve people you choose to advocate for a specific cause.

1.8 In addition, our pastoral team is at your disposal if you need to be contacted personally.

1.9 So, do not cease to pray for our cause and that of our neighbor and we are ready to enrich the treasures of God’s           wisdom.
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-Prayer line


If you want a pastor to prays for you on the phone. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 to 12:00.
Call Sister Renee Miller @ (310)658-1526


Prayer request
You can send your prayer request through our site Here by Contacting 
(Thank you to specify your full name and city)
Our team of intercessors will take it into account and will pray for you. Do not hesitate to write to us about the evolution of your situation.


Be blessed.
Intercessors for the team,
Please write to us clearly. Any request malformed (SMS or short kind) will not be considered.