The Life In

The Life In Christ Bible Church — “LICBC” — offers various Meetings and Special Activities for Men, Women, Children, Youth, Families and Seniors.



Meals organized after the time of worship and edification open to all participants.
These help cultivate fellowship, welcome and integrate new people within the L.C.B.C. and create brotherly love.







Sharing moments with a cup of coffee and a snack after worship.
Who is invited: All
When: Every Sunday after teaching moment
Where: Local







What about small group dinners?
A weekday dinner at our church from (TBD), to foster moments in small groups, maximum 8 participants.
Who is invited? Any person of any age who does not want to eat alone
How to register ? The registration form is on the bulletin board at our church, and a donation of $ (TBD) is requested to contribute to the cost of the meal. It’s important to register for reasons of organization and until Sunday before meals. Information and registration: [email protected]






Groups of about 10 people meet to encourage one another, grow spiritually, and form friendships within the church. Find out how to join in: [email protected]
Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to start a group in your area.
Who: Everyone
When: The group decides





YOUTH GROUP (12 to 22 years)


Youth meeting, from 12 years. Animation, shares, messages: bringing young people to grow in their faith and be trained to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Teaching young people to testify around them love, greatness and power of God.
Who: 12-22 years
When: Every Saturday at 6:30 pm
Where: Variable






Meeting between seniors from 60 years old. Proposal of varied activities and biblical and cultural messages.
These meetings forming friendships, provide mutual support and have moments of sharing.
Who: From 60 years
When: Every two months
Where: Variable





The Assembly is committed to give glory to God with praise. Music groups are organized to allow for proper radiation of the assembly in music.
Who: Musicians
When: Every Saturday 7-8 pm
Where: Local





PRINCESS GROUPS (FOR WOMEN ONLY, 18 to 80 plus years)

Sharing and prayer among women of all generations. This group helps to encourage them to live a happy and authentic life, explore our size woman in our personal lives and church. It invites to listen to God and to support each other in prayer.
Who: Women 18-80 years old.
When: Once a month on Tuesday evenings
Where: Variable


CHILDREN (0-10 years)


Home for children between 0 and 10 years during the time of worship. Two adults are responsible for children in a place suited to their specific needs. This home can offer parents the opportunity to participate in worship without having the responsibility of caring for their (s) child (ren). Young children can play together and express themselves without disrupting the smooth running of worship.
Who: Children 0-10 years
When: Every Sunday 3-5.30 pm
Where: Local